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On September 27th of this year we are hosting our very first Macmillan Coffee Morning. We may be baking cakes and pouring tea but if every person played just a small part the bigger picture becomes that much clearer. We would love to see you from 10am – 2pm for a catch up over a coffee. We are opening our home to you in the hope you accept our invitation and together we can do something to support this truly wonderful cause. 

The first recorded Macmillan Coffee Morning was held back in 1990. It was a fairly intimate occasion, where a small group gathered over cake and coffee donating towards the cause. Since then Coffee Morning have raised over £200 million for Macmillan.

In 1911, Douglas Macmillan founded The Society for the Prevention and Relief of Cancer after watching his Father slowly die from the disease. In 1924 the name was changed to The National Society for Cancer Relief and began to take note of not just the emotional effects of Cancer but the financial. By 1925 the charity was giving out grants for medical fees, nursing care and clothing.

After the National Health Service was founded in 1948 the charity was well established and working further to improve the lives of those who fell victim to Cancer. In 1954 they were putting TV’s into hospitals at a cost of £90 each, in today’s money would equate to about £1500.

In 1969 Douglas Macmillan himself lost his battle with Cancer. A few years later nurses funded by his society became known as the ‘Macmillan Nurses’. A funding model was soon developed with the NHS to help expand the societies reach and capabilities. In 1986 the society funded the first ‘Macmillan Doctor’ and fundraising reached an all-time high at £10 million, £7.7 million of which was spent on services.

The 90’s marked big changes for the society. The first Coffee Morning was born and raised a total of £250,000. The Prince of Wales publicly backed The Macmillan Nurse Appeal which raised a further £20 million. In 1996 the society changed its name to Macmillan Cancer Relief. However in 2006 this was changed again to Macmillan Cancer Support, to help people better understand the ethos of this organisation.

It was only 4 years ago Macmillan Cancer Support were a huge influence on Government to ensure the 2015-2020 Cancer strategy for England  put significant emphasis on improving patient experience and long term side effects of treatment.

By providing physical, emotional and financial support The Macmillan Cancer Support have changed lives both for those living with Cancer and their families. They take time to listen to each patient, they teach others how to do the same. The charity are constantly learning, researching as conditions vary and medical discoveries are made, to make sure the treatment they offer is up to date and most helpful to that person at that time.

We would love to see you, your family and friends here at Priston Mill on Friday 27th September. If you are so inclined please do register your interest via our Facebook Page. For any queries call Olivia on 01225 423894 or email olivia@pristonmill.co.uk.



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