To Munch - Evening Menus

These are available after one of our main dinner menus. 

Bath farmhouse Cheddar, Bath soft cheese, Somerset Brie, Bath blue cheese, Wyfe of Bath and Tor Ash goats’ cheese pyramid with a selection of breads and biscuits, celery, grapes, apples, cherry tomatoes and figs, onions and chutneys.
Optional extras;
Glazed Somerset ham £1.25 per person
Warm Somerset pork pie £2.50 per person
Antipasti selection £4.00 per person
(Somerset pork lonza and beef bresaola, sage, mustard and cider salami, cornichons, figs, feta cheese stuffed piquanté peppers and Nocellara olives with lemon)

ON TOAST £11.00 per person

A tempting selection of mixed fresh breads with a choice of toppings.  Please choose three of the following (including a vegetarian option):

Salmon, prawn and spring onion rillette
Somerset pork sausage, bacon and
mushroom on eggy loaf
Pulled pork with pineapple salsa and pickled red onion
Chargrilled chicken, dukkah spice and tzatziki
Steak, caramelised onions and rocket
Croque monsieur-ham, gruyere cheese and béchamel
Smoked salmon and cream cheese with chives
Whipped goats’ cheese, fig and basil (v)
Hummus and roasted pepper on black olive and
pumpkin seed bread (v)
Five bean cassoulet with cheddar shavings on beer bread (v)
Pea and avocado guacamole with lemon
mint crème fraîche (v)

PIE AND MASH £12.25 per person

British classics finished with a signature shortcrust pastry filled to the brim with delicious homemade flavours. Prime cuts of West Country meat, chunky seasonal vegetables and a scoop of freshly made mash on the side. Served to your guests from our rustic flower trays.

Choose up to three flavours from the following (including a vegetarian or vegan option);

Steak and ale
Chicken, bacon and leek
Steak and red wine
Sweet potato and goats’ cheese (v)
Chicken and mushroom
Mushroom and leek (vn)
Steak and Stilton
Curried Squash and Sweet Potato (vn)

GOURMET BURGERS £12.25 per person
Our burgers are served in brioche buns and accompanied by French fries, gherkins, chilli relish, mustards, crispy onions, tomato sauce, garlic mayonnaise and green chillies.

House Burger:
Ground beef patty, Cheddar cheese,
Streaky bacon, Romaine lettuce
Beef tomato, Burger sauce

Veggie Burger(to order):
Chickpea and vegetable pakora with grilled peppers, watercress and radicchio salad, tomato mango and ginger salsa 

HOG BOARDS £13.75 per person (minimum 80 guests)
Whole Somerset hog prepared by our chefs, with apple sauce, coleslaw, breads and English herb leaf salad.

Presented as pulled pork shoulder, roasted loin and rib, pan-fried belly, sausages, stuffing and crackling.
Sweet potato, lentil and quinoa burgers (vn)

COUNTRYSIDE CHICKEN £12.25 per person

Bite-sized portions of tender chicken, freshly prepared and served individually to your guests in our vintage wooden crates. Vegetarian alternative to include baked halloumi ‘wings’.

Mini fillets of buttermilk coated chicken accompanied by chunky tomato and sweetcorn salsa, French fries, red cabbage
carrot and onion slaw, smoked barbecue sauce, garlic mayonnaise and tomato ketchup.

TACOS £12.25 per person

A selection of our soft tacos served to your guests with guacamole, corn and mango salsa, shredded baby gem, red cabbage and onion slaw, Cheddar cheese and sour cream.

Please choose three of the following (including a vegetarian or vegan choice):

Chipotle beef with onion, garlic and red pepper;

Pulled pork, red pepper, paprika and pineapple salsa;

Mexican chicken green peppers and onions;

Spiced prawn with a coriander lime slaw;

Roasted cauliflower florets with avocado (v/vn); Black bean tostadas (v/vn); Vegetarian chilli (v/vn); Five bean cassoulet and tomato sauce (v/vn)


FALAFEL PITTAS £10.50 per person

The middle eastern street food classic. Warm pittas are stuffed with falafels then served with a selection of salads and accompaniments for you and your guests to choose from.

Accompaniments to include:
Hummus, Tabbouleh Salad (bulgur wheat with herbs, tomatoes, peppers, spring onion, lemon and paprika), spiced chickpeas, pickled vegetables, fresh carrot salad, tomato and cucumber salad, feta.

Dressings to include:
Mint yogurt, citrus dressing, chipotle mayo, tzatziki, tahini dressing, chilli dressing and sriracha.

Prices include VAT 

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