Priston Mill Watermill in landscaped gardens
Wedding reception set up in the Watermill wedding venue in Bath
Bride and groom in fields at Priston Mill
Newly married couple at Priston Mill wedding venue in Bath
Groomsmen at a wedding at Priston Mill in Bath
The watermill wedding venue at night
Couple just married in the Watermill wedding venue in Bath
Guests wandering in the grounds of the Watermill at Priston Mill
Wedding ceremony set up at the Watermill wedding venue in Bath
Bride arriving at the Watermill wedding venue in Bath
Long shot of Watermill from garden gate
Bride and groom kissing in the light of a sparkler pattern surrounding them

Watermill Floor Plans

To help you visualise how your day will look, click on the links below to see the optional room layouts for the Watermill, a wonderful setting and one of the most fascinating wedding venues in the Bath area.

  • Round table seating
  • Ceremony seating
  • Option oval/rectangular top table A
  • Option oval/rectangular top table B
  • Measurements

To download all of our floor plans in one document pleaseĀ click hereĀ 

We understand you want the day to be your own and we can help you achieve this. We've worked with lots of couples to create the layout for their wedding reception. There are lots of variations - just tell us what you've got in mind and we'll do our best to arrange it for you.


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