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Wedding Trends

Every year there will be new trends, nods to tradition, some we love and some we don’t. Weddings are no different to fashion, music, art, a representation of a person at that time in that place, feeling that emotion. Whilst Priston Mill is often home to a more traditional style of day, we love seeing new ideas and inspiring styles that surprise year on year. Here are a few of the new trends coming to our industry this year:

Sustainable Weddings


Quite rightly people are becoming more and more aware of our planet and what we can do to help. If you’re making efforts to live more consciously in your everyday lives it makes sense you would look toward a more sustainable wedding.

Look at replacing confetti with natural petals bio-degradable or something totally different, like bubbles or sparklers. Foliage and herbs make a great option for decoration but if you want to stick to florals, ask your florist to show you what’s in season at the time so nothing has to be shipped. Save paper, and write your menus out once on a board or mirror.

There are plenty of ideas, and what’s even better is how this great this trend looks at Priston Mill. Because we are in the countryside, everything natural and local just better reflects the beauty surrounding us.


This year we are going to see a shift away from the traditional colour scheme, instead couples are looking to create a vibe and style. Where once every decision was made under the umbrella of two colours, now bits and pieces are being chosen looking at colour, texture, cost, season etc.

Layering your tables in different colours and textures is a great way to create a feel to the space, and also use what you may already have at your disposal.

Outdoor I Do’s

At Priston Mill we are so lucky to be able to offer an outdoor ceremony, amongst the stunning gardens of The Watermill. Keeping things more natural again, saying I Do outside is going to remain just as popular this year as last. We are fortunate in that we can set up a ceremony both inside and out, leaving the decision open to you right up until the night before (allowing for far more weather checks!).

Grazing gastronomy

Feast menu at Priston Mill - Roasted Chicken

Included in our choice of Wedding Breakfast, you will find To Banquet. We have had a variation of this menu for a few years, but the idea of sharing boards and grazing platters is only becoming more and more desirable.

The starters are various platters, encouraging your guests to chat and socialise whilst they try the delicious fare. You can choose a choice of main courses all served with seasonal vegetables, finished off with a trio of desserts.

The sharing boards instantly create a relaxed social setting, perhaps a more family style way of feasting that seems to be a favourite of our couples year on year.

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