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Why we love Winter weddings

Priston Mill wedding venue in Bath

It is still surprising to us here at Priston Mill that Winter Weddings continue to play second fiddle to the Summer events.

Perhaps it is our outlook on what a wedding can mean, but after watching the Bride & Groom exchange vows in a beautiful venue in a beautiful dress, surely it is then all about the eating & dancing!

It is not that we need an excuse, but Winter does seem a little more forgiving to the gluttony of a generous wedding.

You and your guests can indulge in a delicious 3 course meal with wine. And although sticky toffee pudding is acceptable all year round it does seem slightly less naughty when there’s a chill outside.

The days are shorter so candlelight or fairy lights are a must, which makes everything look so special and sparkly. Your guests will so enjoy attending a wedding ‘out of season’, something to look forward to!

Also it is no secret that Winter in the UK is summer somewhere else, perhaps somewhere tropical? It is then perhaps the perfect time for your dream honeymoon?

Here are four reasons why we love a winter wedding!!


The honeymoon of dreams

Have you dreamt of a honeymoon on a magical island far far away? This is the time to go. And if you’re thinking of tying the knot in 4-6 months’ time, there are some amazing offers through various travel companies so you can have the dream holiday without the nightmare price tag.


Decorate the perfect day for less

If you get married just after Christmas you can take advantage of the End of Summer sales, and if you can wait till January just imagine the offers on fairy lights! January sales are amazing for decorations, favours, attire and accessories.


Your dream venue at a reduced rate

We have the most amazing Winter Wedding venue hire offer. The Watermill is yours for just £1475* and The Tythe Barn can be hired from £1875*. This offer runs through January to the end of March and we also have special rates on a few of our April dates. Choosing this time of year means you can save between £1000 and £1650 on your venue hire!

Book a date in January or February and banish those post-Christmas blues

The festive season has come to a close, the children are back at school and work beckons. It is the perfect time to have something to look forward to! Your guests will thank you for the welcome distraction and should be available with no summer holiday plans.


We have various dates available Winter 2017/2018 so do give us a call and we can discuss your options.

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