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Let's make things personal

Your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to show your friends and family who you are as an individual and as a couple. At Priston Mill we love seeing how each couple create their special day. No two weddings are the same and every time we are amazed at how much the venue can change with just a few little touches.

Here are some ideas of how to make your special day, all about you.


Lay it on the table

Table names are a great way to show off a shared hobby or interest. If you’re keen travellers perhaps name each table after a particular destination, it’s personal and will get your guests talking. Perhaps you are a music enthusiast and want to name your tables after your favourite musicians. If you like the idea of numbering you could add a photograph of you and your partner at that age, to make a simple ‘Table 3’ feel more unique.



Decorate the space

Neither of our venues here at Priston Mill need a lot of decoration as the space itself is so full of interest and history. However some candles or a few small jars of flowers on the tables and window sills can look lovely. You could make it personal with your favourite flowers, or perhaps individually decorated vases (as seen below). In recent years we have noticed couples adding favourite photos of them and their loved ones, which becomes a great talking point.




Make it your song

Music is so important in creating a mood and memory. I’ve no doubt you would have thought about your aisle song and the song that will play during your first dance, but have you thought about background music? In each of our venues we have a fully installed Sonos system, where we can play your music easily so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

A lot of our couples hire a band or DJ to entertain in the evening, but on occasion people who want something a little tamer have created their own playlists and simply bought in some speakers. You could have such fun coming up with each track, and after the day itself you have the soundtrack to your wedding at the touch of a button.

We are in the process of creating Priston Mill Playlists on Spotify. We want to help guide our couples as much as we can, and so we’re taking the time to put together some songs we feel fit perfectly into that special day.


Take a favour

Traditionally each guest would receive a small bag of sugared almonds on their place, as a little something to take away from the day. A wedding favour is the ideal outlet for expressing your personality and the options are endless.

If you are a keen gardener why not gift each guest a packet of seeds so they can grow your favourite flower? Perhaps your mum makes the best lemon curd in the South West, so pop some tiny jars at each name place.

Often a favour can be a subtle nod to a couple’s hobby or interest without the whole day becoming ‘themed’. We have had various Harry Potter styled weddings over the years; we thought this favour of ‘Quidditches’ especially creative in an elegant and classy fashion.



We would love to hear from you should you have any ideas on how to make the space your own, equally if you would like any more images or inspiration please get in touch.


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