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How to pick the perfect wedding cake

Wedding Cake Ideas and Inspiration

When planning your wedding day, you have so many questions to ask and decisions to make, and one of those important decisions has got to be choosing the perfect wedding cake!

The cake is a focal point for a photo-op and of course a midnight snack, so it's got to stand out! Do you want a big cake towering above your friends and family or maybe something smaller as a token gesture to your guests for being a part of your special day? You could have a cup-cake tower, macaroons, brownies or whatever your heart desires.

Maybe you want to have your own personal touch on your wedding cake iced with your favourite colour, your pet(s) or just like in the photo below - a gingerbread sleigh with yourself and your fiancé also made from gingerbread inside! You can't get more unique than that!

 Wedding Cake Sleigh 

Image By Jade Touron 

What filling should I choose for my wedding cake?

Once you have decided on the aesthetics of your cake, you’ll need to decide on those all-important flavours. And this is really the most fun part – most wedding cake makers now offer a tasting! Are you crazy for chocolate fudge cake or refreshing and zingy elderflower and lemon? Do you want to play it safe and go for a simple Victoria sponge, or wow your guests with a honey and pistachio? Red velvet, rainbow cake, carrott cake or fruit cake...whatever the flavour you decide on, be sure you choose your favourite! The cake is as much for you as it is for your guests.

 Tall white wedding cake with flowers

Image by James Fear

Give us a Slice

The next thing you will need to decide is how you would like to cut the cake. Do you have a family heirloom you would like to use, a cake knife that has been used in many successful marriages before yours? Or maybe a sword to give a nod to your profession and years in service? Most importantly, remember that you won’t have to cut and serve the whole cake yourself! The cake cut is purely a photo opportunity for the album - your Event Manager will happily do all of the cake cutting and ensure the cake is displayed beautifully, along with any flowers you may have had on your cake originally.

 Semi naked wedding cake 

Image by Navid Mughal 

Time is of the Essence

What time do you usually cut the cake at a wedding? Well, this is up to you...would you like guests to wash it down with a lovely cuppa after the Wedding Breakfast, or grab a nibble alongside your evening food as a sweet treat? When it comes to wedding cake, we want to ensure that the guests fully enjoy it. We would therefore advise cutting your cake either at the end of the wedding breakfast alongside speeches, or, our favourite option is to cut the cake just before your first dance so that your evening guests can be a part of it too. We'll then serve your cake a little later alongside your evening food. This gives guests time to get hungry again after what is sure to have been a scrumptious wedding breakfast.

Naked wedding cake with fruit 

Image by Simon Withyman

Savour the Moment

Once your cake is ordered and everything is ready to go, there’s just one more decision to make. Would you like to take any home? Here at Priston Mill, our countryside wedding venue in Bath, we will often cut around half of each tier initially and top it up as required throughout the evening to save it all going stale and to waste. If you would like us too, we will happily keep some of the cake back for you to have the next day or even keep a whole tier aside for you to share with friends and family over the coming week of celebrations.

 White two teir wedding cake

Image by A Tall Long Legged Bird 

Baked by the Best!

When it comes to choosing your baker to make the wedding cake for your special day, we appreciate it can be a little overwhelming. We have pulled together a list of local suppliers below, who have a proven track record of creating beautiful (and delicious!) cakes and cake alternatives for our lovely couples here at Priston Mill.

Kransekake wedding cake 

Image by James Fear 


The Cake Architect

Sandra Monger Cakes 

The Choux Box

Anna Cake Couture

Posh and Cake

The Macaroom


We are sure that you will find your dream cake by speaking to one of these experts!

Thank you for reading our blog this month - why not explore more wedding planning topics here. 

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 Wedding cake with bride, groom and dog figures

Image by Whoisbenjamin

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