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5 Minutes with... Kim

Kim is one of our Event Managers here at Priston Mill. We have been lucky to have her as a part of our team for just over 2 years now. Kim has been in Hospitality for more than a decade, working in a variety of roles from a General Manager in a boutique hotel to Event Coordinator for large scale events both private and corporate. Her brief break from Hospitality 9 years ago saw Kim indulging in retail, and even then she was working for a high end wedding dress boutique. We’ve grabbed her for 5 minutes between this Summers events to ask her some questions.


What is it you love most about being an Event Manager at Priston Mill?

What I love most about being an Event Manager is meeting all of our lovely couples and being a part of making their big day so special. It is an honour, especially as I get to see the Bride before anyone else! What I love most about being an Event Manager at Priston Mill, is my family. That is how I refer to my colleagues, we spend so much time together and while there may be times of tension as in any work place, I trust them completely to have my back should I need a little extra help.

What is your top tip for on the day itself?

Brides will always worry about visiting the little ladies room in their wedding dress. It may sound silly, but if you sit down facing the wall rather than the bridesmaids, there is room for your dress and no need to hold on to your train.

If you could save your couples one worry what would it be?

That we will take care of everything! Even the most trusting of couples get anxiety the week leading up to the big day, and it is (understandable) but totally unnecessary stress. Trust that we know what we are doing, and can tackle any hurdles or unforeseen circumstances. I so often wish I could take away all that worry in the lead up so my couples feel fully relaxed and can enjoy every moment.

What is your favourite time of year to say I Do?

Every season has its beauty and whilst I adore the flowers that blossom in Spring, I would always vote for a Winter Wedding. The atmosphere created by the dark cold nights outside and warm candle light inside is so romantic and special. As long as the venue has enough space, which at Priston Mill we do, it is so lovely to have everyone inside keeping warm, chatting, eating and dancing. Also I am not ignorant to how costly a wedding can be, and often suppliers have great offers for Winter occasions.

You’ve seen a lot of weddings here at Priston Mill, are they any particular ‘trends’ you think work well?

The Simpler the better. The venues here are so gorgeous in their own right and too much decoration can take away rather than add to that. Given that we are a countryside venue, surrounded by green I think foliage looks stunning in the alcoves and window sills. A few candles dotted around add a little atmosphere but I would always advise, less is more.


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