Seminar set up for speaker and with audio visual equipment in place

Product Launches

The basic requirement of any product launch at any venue depend very much on the product you or your company are looking to launch.  A car launch for example would not want to hold the grand unveiling on the roof of a skyscraper, unless of course there was a viable way of transporting the vehicle in and out of the building.

If the product you’re launching is something small and elegant, such as a watch or piece of jewellery you may want a venue that is in keeping with the style and design of the timepiece. Private members clubs, boutique hotels, restaurants and trendy bars often offer sophisticated and stylish backdrops and will attract the A-list celebrity, if that’s what your product launch requires.

With a stylish, rustic and rural venue such as ours, we feel we can tick all the boxes for any product from a Helicopter, Exclusive Watch, or even a Tractor.  Speak to us about your product launch requirements. Do you need privacy and exclusivity? Or bespoke catering, audio visual or technical solutions.

Maybe you need a private screening room to show a presentation or onsite accommodation or meetings space so that delegates can experience the product and spend the day learning product knowledge.