Lavender lined path leading to the Tythe Barn

Hit by Cupid

Understandably we cannot, as a reputable wedding venue allow Valentines Day go without mention. We are lucky enough to work in the most romantic of industries and therefore the most romantic of days deserves a nod. Surprisingly it is not often we host a wedding on the 14th February, perhaps some think it too cliché? This year Valentines Day falls on a Friday, which is perfect for all those weekend escapes your partners are planning for you! We think this 'holiday' is the perfect opportunity to look at how you can add a little extra romance into what is already the most romantic day of your lives. 

The above photographs were taken by Sarah Cameron

The two more obvious colour schemes associated with romance would be red and pink. We see a lot of both here at Priston Mill. Perhaps more red in the Winter months, as it suits the warm cosy atmosphere created by our fires, low beams and soft furnishings. Pink looks fab in the Spring/Summer, especially as we have so many beautiful blooms in that shade through out our gardens. 

Have you thought about sharing your love story with your guests? A great way to decorate some space, and encourage your guests to interact is through a photo wall or something of the like. It so often works as an opener to conversations, and common ground that your guests will get to know one another better whilst sharing in their mutual love for the happy couple.

We would love to hear your ideas for adding a little extra sprinkle of romance, come and visit us to take a look around our beautiful venues. 

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