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Father's Day

At Priston Mill, our beautiful two wedding venues in Somerset, we love nothing more than watching parents, relatives or friends walking their loved one down the aisle to meet their new husband or wife.

father and daughter at outdoor cereminy

While it is tradition for the father of the bride to walk his little girl down the aisle, these days the world paints a more colourful picture. Whether man, woman, father or friend, walking a loved one towards their marriage is an honour.

The Oxford English Dictionary has various meanings for the noun, Father;

‘A man in relation to his child or children’

‘An important male figure in the origin or early history of something’

‘A man who provides care and protection’

We have come across some amazing shots from familiar faces at Priston Mill, capturing special moments shared at weddings between father and daughter. These photos are sure to give you an insight into the joy and emotion evoked on such occasions and may remind you of your own treasured moments.
Whoever you spoil on Sunday 17th, we hope you have a magical day and give thanks to those who ‘provided care and protection’ when you needed it most.

happiness is father and daughter

a very happy father of the bride

Our team here at Priston Mill would be delighted to talk to you about your own wedding requirements, regardless who you ask to walk you down the aisle! Please give Olivia or one of the team a call today on 01225 423894.


Sarah Cameron Photography, Ryan Gould Photography

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